Pringles Pickle Rick Potato Chips

Remember the one time Rick turned himself into a pickle just so he could avoid going to a family therapy session? That was Pickle Rick, 3rd episode of Season 3. We are reminiscing about it two years later because, there’s going to be a potato chip based on, well, Pickle Rick. Yes. You better believe it!

Pringles, a Kellogg’s brand, has teamed up with Adult Swim to pay homage to this viral episode for a special edition, collectable Pickle Rick flavor Pringles. That’s right, folks, Pringles Pickle Rick Potato Chips will soon be a thing and it will hit the shelves of grocery stores across stateside in early February 2020.

Pringles Pickle Rick Potato Chips

No idea what it will taste like, though. My guess is, it will probably taste like pickle (like, duh). Though, not sure whether it be raw or seasoned pickle. It better not be rat exo-suit pickle flavored. Just saying…

In addition to the potato chip, Pringles and Adult Swim will be dishing out a “humorous and mind-bending animated spot” of Rick and Morty at the 2020 Big Game. The 30 seconds spot is created by Adult Swim with Grey Group and it will be aired during the second quarter of the game. So, fans Rick and Morty, take note (of both the commercial and the potato chip, of course).

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Images: Kellogg.