NECA JAWS Toony Terrors JAWS Quint & Shark Figures

Of course, there had been collectibles and toys based on Steven Spielberg’s big screen adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel, JAWS. “Had been” are the key words. Fans and collectors of all-thing movie related, they have been relegated to collecting those past memorabilia.

NECA JAWS Toony Terrors JAWS Quint & Shark Figures
It looks like Quint will come with a couple of weapons.

Well, that is set to change. It has been revealed that Steven Spielberg’s JAWS will be joining NECA JAWS property. Little is known about the NECA JAWS Toony Terrors Jaws Quint & Shark Figures, as it is called.

Then again, what else do we need to know other than it features shark hunter Sam Quint and the infamous antagonist Great White Shark named ‘Bruce’. Though it is not clear if they will be presented as a box set or if they will be sold individually.

NECA JAWS Toony Terrors JAWS Quint & Shark Figures
Live by (hunting) shark, die by the shark.

Whatever it is, you know you will be seeing Toony figures of Quint and Bruce, and yes, Quint totally fits inside the shark’s gaping mouth. Lovely.

All there is left now is a semi-wrecked Orca and an open water to recreate the memorable scene from the 1975 blockbuster that left me scarred for life and too afraid to get into the open water.

Anywho, this will be the perfect addition to your collection of JAWS movie memorabilia like posters and whatnot.

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Images: NECA Toys.

Source: Twitter (@NECA_TOYS).