Power Idolz Wireless Charging Dock by Numskull Designs

The market is no shortage of wireless chargers. There are those that can charge multiple devices. There are also the cool and the super cool, and then there are the fun ones like the Power Idolz Wireless Charging Docks by Numskull.

The First JAWS Quint 8-inch Clothed Action Figure In Robert Shaw’s Likeness!

As much as some hate shark hunter Sam Quint’s guts in the JAWS, he was as much of hero as Martin Brody. As such, a collectible based on this character is a must and a collectible he is now – thanks to NECA JAWS 8-inch Quint Clothed Action Figure.

NECA JAWS Toony Terrors Will Let You Shove Quint Into Bruce’s Mouth

Of course, there had been collectibles and toys based on Steven Spielberg’s big screen adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel, JAWS. “Had been” are the key words. Fans and collectors of all-thing movie related, they have been relegated to collecting those past memorabilia.

JAWS Lenticular Movie Posters: Iconic JAWS Poster Comes To Life!

If you are big fan of the Steven Spielberg’s JAWS, then you should already own at least one of the posters penned by legendary American artist Roger Kastel. There were a few versions of JAWS posters, but the most iconic one would the one featuring a lady swimming on the surface and the infamous Bruce …