Stern Pinball Announces new JAWS Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball, Inc. is making waves in the gaming world with their latest creation – a pinball game series inspired by the iconic thriller JAWS from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. This isn’t just a game; it’s a deep dive into the heart-pounding trilogy that changed the face of cinema.

Stern Pinball Announces new JAWS Pinball Machine

Available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models, these games are a dream come true for both pinball enthusiasts and JAWS fans.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of Quint, the fearless fisherman from Amity Island, New York. Your mission? Save the Fourth of July from a menacing great white shark. Players are transported to the picturesque yet perilous beaches of Amity Island, where they must face off against the lurking underwater threat.

The JAWS pinball games are packed with features that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to aim your pinballs at a motorized ‘Shark Fin’ target, with ‘blood in the water’ lighting effects heightening the suspense. Navigate the ‘Orca Boat’ upper playfield, complete with a ‘Lookout Tower’ ramp and a ship’s wheel spinner. But brace yourself – a custom sculpted ‘Great White Shark’ bash toy is ready to leap from the depths, adding a heart-stopping twist to your game.

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Stern Pinball Announces new JAWS Pinball Machine

The immersion goes deeper with film and audio assets integrated into the gameplay, including a custom speech by actor Richard Dreyfuss and the unforgettable John Williams movie theme (this! 😍). It’s a multisensory experience that brings the terror and excitement of JAWS right to your fingertips.

Adding to the fun, the games feature Stern’s award-winning Insider Connected system. This tech marvel lets players track their progress, hunt for Achievements, and engage with a global network of players. For operators, Insider Connected offers tools to drive location play, analyze game performance, and maintain the games effortlessly.

For the collectors, the Limited Edition model is a treasure trove. Limited to just 1,000 games globally, it boasts a full-color mirrored backglass, custom artwork, upgraded audio, anti-reflection playfield glass, and a host of exclusive features. Each Limited Edition game comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, making it a prized addition to any collection.

Stern Pinball Announces new JAWS Pinball Machine

These JAWS-themed pinball games are now available for purchase globally, with prices ranging from $6,999 for the Pro Edition to $12,999 for the Limited Edition.

Images: Stern Pinball.