Taking LEGO love a little too far is this burger joint located in Pasig City, Philippines, called Brick Burger. Naturally, what this burger joint peddles are LEGO-inspired burgers with buns, or at least the top bun, take on the shape of a 2×2 LEGO plate. Available in a variety of colors (don’t ask me how), the buns of these burgers, unlike actual LEGO bricks, don’t quite click because there are stuff like 100 percent Australian beef patty, lettuce, American cheese, tomato, and onions, standing between the two buns. Even there aren’t any ingredient in between, I doubt the bottom piece has studs, or the top piece has holes, that would allow the two to mate.

LEGO Brick Bun Burgers by Brick Burger
I am sure Emmet could use a LEGO burger… if Crackle isn’t involved.

Whatever it is, they do look pretty tantalizing and we’d give it points for creativity, though we are not sure if Lord Business would please with creativity being so liberally used. Speaking of which, we are pretty certain that this is not officially sanction (like many enthusiast’s stuff, such as, for example, the Pokémon burgers) which means it could be at the mercy of the Danish toymaker’s legal beagles. Anywho, if you are a huge LEGO fan and happen to be in and around Pasig City, why not give it go cos’ they do look pretty yummy, but that’s of course, only if beef is your thing.

LEGO Brick Bun Burgers by Brick Burger
A variety of bun colors, presumably a nod to the variety of colors LEGO bricks has.
LEGO Brick Bun Burgers by Brick Burger
And here are the things you will be sending into your stomach for processing.

Images: Brick Burger.

Brick Burger via Geekologie.

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