We’ve seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years. Our previous article about the Amazon Echo showed just how far we’ve come when it comes to smarter technology. The same advancements are happening in the healthcare industry too, with new tech such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and digital medical imaging allowing doctors and health service providers to perform better under different circumstances.

According to the University of Cincinnati and its online masters in health informatics department, the advancements are shaping a better future for the healthcare industry. The use of big data and the implementation of cloud-based health IT systems, for example, are enabling doctors and researchers to do better research and work together in finding solutions to health problems. The whole medical system is more robust and efficient thanks to good IT practices.

To understand the full impact of IT in healthcare, The Anatomy of a Health IT Ecosystem by the University of Cincinnati is the infographic to read.

IT In Healthcare: Staging A Better Future

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