Bici Bicycle Parking Space by Zeller & Moye

Bicycle storage in public spaces is a daunting task, especially in space-starved urban areas. Architecture studio Zeller & Moye has proposed a solution called Bici that, somehow, look like an art installation.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Bici is neat and nice, but I just think it may be a fancy way of doing things as opposed to say this:

Dual Bicycle Rack System
Credit: Spotify Cities.

What you see above is a dual bicycle rack system used in Singapore. It allows a single space to park two bicycles using a “stacking system” which is essentially a two-level system. The downside of dual bicycle rack is, the installation is not as straightforward as Zeller & Moye’s proposition.

Zeller & Moye’s solution is minimalist, right down to the installation. Each Bici frame is a drive-up rail with cut-out at the upper end to let the bicycle wheel slides in. This opening is wide enough to fit any size and thickness wheels and tires. There are holes at the sides of the frame to facility securing of the bicycle at various points.

Bici is made from steel and painted, and has two angle of inclinations, aptly refer to as Bici High and Bici Low. Bici High and Bici Low are to be installed in an alternating manner so that the different angle of inclinations allows for bicycles to be park close to each other since the handlebars will be overlapping.

Bici Bicycle Parking Space by Zeller & Moye

It is actually quite ingenious. And the fact that it is alternating makes Bici looks like an art installation with or without bicycles parked.

The system can also be use in homes and communal parking, but you probably don’t want to use at home because, it will take quite some space compared to current wall-hung solution. In any case, I kind of like the solution.

While the dual bicycle rack system is no doubt efficient, I thought Bici appears to be more sophisticated and it has no moving parts, and therefore virtually maintenance free. The down only sides I see are, one, it will require fair amount of space compared to the double level system and secondly, because it has an inclination, older folks may find it a daunting task to get the bicycle into position.

Bici Bicycle Parking Space by Zeller & Moye

Images: Dane Alonso/Zeller & Moye.

Source: designboom.