First off, this ‘shark tank’ is not comprised of a panel of money-minded business person armed with sarcasm, ready to fire at ridiculous business ideas; these are real sharks in an actual tank tank… suspended in Wuyue Plaza in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province in China. Now that we have clear the air… yes, a woman apparently fell into a shark tank in the the mall while rushing to a meeting. It couldn’t be a worst time to be taking a dip with sharks because, the cover on the gangway which has a shark tank under it was opened because of feeding time. Now, that’s nasty!

Fortunately, the sharks are lemon sharks which are a species that, though powerful, are not known to be aggressive. Plus, I am pretty sure they would prefer fishes over hard to swallow/chew human beings wrapped in fabric. The woman was reportedly the mall’s employee and at the time that she took the accidental dip into the tank, she was rushing for meeting and either did not see or ignore the sign that warns of the danger. Also fortunately, she was pulled from the tank fairly quickly and hence she did not suffer any injury other than the inevitable psychological trauma.

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At least she live to tell the tale. Years on, I bet she’d be telling her grandchildren why you should not run in a mall. Well, folks, that is one good reason why you should not have a tank full of sharks in the mall. Skip ahead for the entire video to see the incident unfolding.

Image: YouTube.

Source: Geekologie.

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