If you haven’t heard of Super Veloce, it is a Germany company that makes aviation and motorsport inspired coffee machines. It is calling them “limited edition functional art.” Well, it is ‘art’ if only you appreciate turbines and fossil fuel engines spitting out hot Joe. Anyways, the company has a series of Formula 1 V12 engine-inspired espresso rigs which in itself is enough to draw our attention, but this one here called Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine is different.

Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine

Espresso Veloce Royale is all out luxe – thanks to the real 18-carat white gold treatment, diamonds, amethyst gems, and thermoset gold lead carbon fiber. As you can see, the form is inspired by the V12 engine of the Formula 1 race car (in particular, the 90’s). What you can’t see is, it is a single serve, ground coffee capsule-type Espresso maker with Grappa Dispenser.

Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine

Details are as follows:

Components Manufactured in: Anticorodal 6082 T6, Aerospace grade 7075 alloy, Stainless steel 316 Titanium, Surgical Stainless Steel Grade 304, 18ct White Gold, Diamonds, Royal Purple Amethyst and Thermoset Gold Lead Carbon Fiber
Engine V Block: Anodized Bright Silver
Cylinder Heads: Anodized Satin Gold
Intake Venturies: Anodized Bright Gold
Cam Covers: Nordic Gold 20µm 18ct Yellow Gold Plating
Baseplate: Gold leaf carbon fibre
Cups: Anodized Satin Silver and Bright Gold, Diamonds and Royal Purple Amethyst
Grappa Tank Cap: Anodized Bright Gold, Diamonds and Cabochon cut Royal Purple Amethyst

Each Super Limited Edition Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine comes with four matching espresso cups that are equally exquisite as the machine itself. There is no doubt that this is a coffee machine reserved only for the wealthy automobile-loving, coffee connoisseurs. However, it is not known how much it costs. The price is not available publicly. However, if you are keen in getting one, you have to touch base with Super Veloce for a quote.

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Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine

Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine

Espresso Veloce Royale Coffee Machine

Images: Super Veloce.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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