Star Wars fans have it and why not Trekkies? well, if you have been wondering what would be a fitting way to hold up your Star Trek literatures and DVDs (or even VHS), then look no further than the Star Trek Logo Bookends TOS Exclusive. ok, we are not going to lie. these are just bookends and they are not going to hold a whole lot of Star Trek stuff you have amassed to date in between them, but lets also be honest with ourselves, we do have our favorites that deserve to be the stars of the room, don’t we? and that may friend, is one of its uses. heck. just use it for whatever you fancy, really. its a Star Trek logo for goodness sake and it will look good with anything in between. and you do realized it is splashed in the definitive yellow hue (hand painted, no less), don’t you?

made by Icon Heroes, these bookends are of sturdy poly stone which should be hefty enough not to be pushed over by any literatures and/or medias that comes in between them, and they measures 6.5″ tall, 7.25″ wide and 4″ deep when put together. seriously, this should be on any self-respecting Trekkies’ list of Star Trek things to buy this year. available for pre-order, exclusively at Big Bad Toy Store now for $79.99 a set. delivery is expected to happen sometime in Q4 2014.

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Star Trek Logo Bookends TOS Exclusive

Star Trek Logo Bookends TOS Exclusive

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