this is a very interesting product. it is a cross between a conventional optical peephole and a wall/ceiling mounted security cam. the PeepHole Viewer replaces the traditional optical peephole and let’s you view who’s knocking via the 2.5″ TFT-LCD. the PeepHole Viewer is a direct replacement for the traditional optical item. image is captured through a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS camera, project to the 2.5″ TFT-LCD with a viewing angle of 96DEG or 99DEG, depending on the model. power comes from 2x AA batteries which means it is totally cable-free. Brinno don’t need to sell me the PeepHole Viewer’s benefits, just the concept alone has won me over – except that i don’t have a Peephole to start with. but it certainly makes sense to use such device, as oppose to sticking your face to the door just to get a glimpse of who’s knocking on the door. that’s what i call home improvement.

UPDATE [May 15, 2013]: you grab the Brinno PeepHole View for just $68.88. the price has came down since it first introduced and also, check out a installation demo video for a better how this awesome stuff works.

visit Brinno website.

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