Innergie mCube Pro universal power adaptor: multi-function adaptor

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if you are looking are for a sleek power adaptor for your beloved laptops, Innergie has the answer for you. replace those ugly looking power brick with this all-in-one cool universal power adaptor and charge in style. the mCube not only charges your laptops but works for USB-powered devices such as mobile phones and portable music players. mCube Pro does not restrict itself to wall sockets, but works with in the cars and airplanes too. not to feel paranoid about using this device on the plane, as mCube Pro is credited with the RTCA aviation certificate. therefore it is certified safe to use on airplanes. it is able to charge up to 17″ laptops of major brands. Apple users need not to apply, though. a built-in protections keeps you from harmful unstable voltages, giving you a peace of mind. all this comes in a neat package of size 70mm x 128.8mm by 23.6mm. it even comes with a carrying bag to keep the mCube Pro and its accompanying cables.
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