SideTrak Swivel Pro Touch FHD 13.3” Touchscreen Monitor: A Uber Sleek Second Display Your Laptop

However capable smartphones and tablets are, they will never replace laptops because of one key reason: screen real estate. Speaking of screens, if you ever need even more screens from a laptop, there are laptops with multiscreen setups as well as solutions to add screens to your existing laptop. The new SideTrak Swivel Pro Touch …

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk: It Is A Laptop Stand That Comes With A Keyboard And A Touchpad

Calling folks who are obsessed with keeping a clean, uncluttered work desk even after they are done working on their laptop, or anyone who wants to make anywhere a comfy workplace. We may have found the perfect accessory for you. It is called Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk.

Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo: It Is A Laptop Sleeve That Is Also A Desk Mat

Here’s an interesting product from Orbitkey. It is called Hybrid Work Duo. It is a laptop sleeve and a desk map rolled into one. What this means is you can transform any space – be it at the library, coffee shop, or wherever – into a familiar workspace. It is a trusty laptop sleeve when …

Clever Lock And Key Accessory Keeps Your USB Hub/Portable HDD And Laptop As One

The lack of ports and small storage capacity lead to the use of USB hubs and portable hard drives with today’s laptops. While it seems like the problems have been addressed, they aren’t. USB hubs and portable hard drives brought about a new problem: more things to carry. Those things make laptop that is meant …

HyperDrive GEN2 USB-C Hub Give Your Laptop More Ports With More Power And Speed

It sucks to know that after spending pretty penny on a laptop, you have to spend more to buy accessories like a USB hub because, the laptop is stingy on ports. Or is it only in the case of MacBook? In any case, those with port-starve laptops, HyperDrive GEN2 is here to save the day.