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Laptop Stand That Is A Giant Heatsink Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven

I am sure you are familiar with heatsink. Typically milled out of aluminum, heatsink sole purpose is to mitigate overheating by dissipating heat quickly from high heat-generating equipment, such as a processor or LED elements. And it does so by introducing multiple fins which increases the surface area of a heat-conducting block. The science behind is, the more surface area there is, the quicker the heat can be taken away by the virtue of natural cooling. Understanding this and how much heat a laptop can produce, designer Bryan Wong has conceived a laptop stand that’s basically a giant-ass heatsink which kind of makes us go, “why we didn’t think of that!” Continue reading Laptop Stand That Is A Giant Heatsink Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven

This Innovative Laptop Cover Adds Two Displays To Your Laptop

Before Razer’s concept monstrosity, a three-monitor laptop, becomes a reality, a Belgium company Slide N’ Joy wants every laptop, including MacBook, to sport a three-monitor setup with an innovative laptop cover called Le Slide, AKA Your Slide. With this laptop cover attached to your laptop, you can slide out two screens, one on either side, thus expanding the laptop’s screen real estate by 2 times – all it needs is a USB port to power the two additional displays. Blessed with three displays, you can get onto the Internet, check your emails, and edit documents all at the same time. For gamers, you will get to play compatible games in super wide screen mode and thus bumping up the immersion level, and you’d be doing that anywhere, anytime. Continue reading This Innovative Laptop Cover Adds Two Displays To Your Laptop

Razer Power Bank Adds 6 Hours To Razer Blade Stealth In Just 2 Hours

A good laptop like the Razer Blade Stealth makes you want to keep using it for like, forever, and wherever, but you really can’t because, battery. Unless you find yourself next to an outlet wherever you go, you are going to need a boost from a power bank. This is where Razer Power Bank comes in. Packing a whopping 12,800 mAh in a pocket-friendly form factor, this black CNC aluminum enclosed portable battery will lend your Razer Blade Stealth with additional 6 hours of usage (that’s a cool 15 hours in total, if anyone’s counting) without being slaved to an outlet. Continue reading Razer Power Bank Adds 6 Hours To Razer Blade Stealth In Just 2 Hours

Lapdeck is a Bring-anywhere, Collapsible Laptop Desk That Cost Just 10 Bucks (Note: Not a Typo)

Though called laptop in many locality, laptop isn’t really meant to rest on your laps. You know what might happen if you do that, don’t you? Burnt laps, that’s what. So why risk it? And that’s precisely why you need a laptop stand; to provide a place for the laptop to rest and you, to type comfortably. That’s precisely what Lapdeck Recyclable Laptop Desk is designed for and believe it or not, it will only cost you 10 bucks. Yes. You heard me. Only 10 American dollars and it is totally collapsible so you can pack it into your carryon and bring it wherever you go. So how did Lapdeck achieved this almost unbelievable pricing? The secret lies in the material. Continue reading Lapdeck is a Bring-anywhere, Collapsible Laptop Desk That Cost Just 10 Bucks (Note: Not a Typo)

DELL Wireless Dock

laptop docks are great for ease of grab and go without having to mess with a bunch of cables, but DELL thinks there should be a more elegant solution to this age-old issue and that solution is by the way of its DELL Wireless Dock. it was love at the first sight for us and despite its outright plain aesthetic and moniker, this device would be a magical addition to your DELL Latitude 6430u Ultrabook. the physical device gives your 6430u two DisplayPort, HDMI out, three USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet port, as well as a front audio in/out port for voice over IP at speeds up to 4.6 gigabits per second. Continue reading DELL Wireless Dock

grapple – non-slip grip pad for iPads

love going all-natural with your iPad? like not having anything on just so you could appreciate its beautiful lines? while we share this love of unprotected iPad, we can’t help but to notice its sleek aluminum back, though lovely, poses a slip hazard and this where a simple accessory such as the grapple can lend some help. so what’s exactly is grapple? grapple, as the name implies, is a non-slip grip pad for iPads that is designed to let you have a better, more secure grip on your tablet without being obtrusive in anyway. Continue reading grapple – non-slip grip pad for iPads

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case
we don’t want to be kidding ourselves that a regular laptop sleeve would do any real protection for our laptops. the reality is, it is not going to absorb the impact even if the laptop appears to be sound cos’ internally, it is not going be ok and this is why you will need a ruggedized case such as the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case if extreme protection is what you are after. this case really do mean business. externally, the ViVAX is constructed from special material similar to those used in crash helmets and on the inside, it is lined with a PoronXrd shockproof polymer for extreme shock absorption. Continue reading ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio
Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio | £149.00 | www.hardgraft.com

bored with your current offering of nylon, fabric or canvas MacBook sleeves? here’s a little luxe of change that you may like to consider. meet the Hard Graft’s new Grab Laptop Folio. designed to hold your 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Air and handcrafted by a duo of talented Italian leather masters, guided by the good’ole Hard Graft’s tradition of attention to details, this lovely MacBook accessory features vegetable tanned leather on one side and premium wool felt from Germany on the rest of the sleeve, including the interior. Continue reading Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio


AirSlab Laptop Cooling Stand | from US$45.00 | solodeogloria.com

if you are eyeing on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, then you are probably a person who demands serious style and functionality. therefore for the style-conscious you, you would want an accessory that’s equally stylish to match a sleek laptop. the AirSlab is, in our humble opinion, one that fits the style-bill. rather than getting yourself those cheap plastic cooler, the AirSlab comes in form of full grain Walnut or Baltic Birch with series of circular holes to aid in the cooling of your laptop. Continue reading AirSlab

Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio / Heritage

Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio - Heritage 900x500px
(image: Hard Graft) Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio / Heritage | €98.00 | www.hardgraft.com

sometime we have not many gadgets to bring with us and there are also time where we have lots to stuff into a bag. if the aforementioned scenario is a familiar ritual for you, then this classy Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio / Heritage might be just for you. instead of looking all too puffy (some say saggy) when there aren’t much in it, this folio stays slim while still fits up to a 15-inch laptop but when you have books, charger, wallet, iPhone and probably an iPad to lug around at the same time, it expands readily to fit all of them in. versatile? it’s a definite yes and plus, it is has a timeless luxurious look granted by the combination of semi-vegetable tanned leather and 100% wool felt that’s made in Germany. Continue reading Hard Graft All In One Laptop Folio / Heritage