Calling folks who are obsessed with keeping a clean, uncluttered work desk even after they are done working on their laptop, or anyone who wants to make anywhere a comfy workplace. We may have found the perfect accessory for you. It is called Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk.

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

The Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk is a desk setup that includes a “Casa Book” laptop stand, a “Casa Keys” wireless keyboard, and a “Casa Touch” touchpad. Casa Book aka the laptop stand collapses into book-like storage for the keyboard and the touchpad, with an additional space for small items such as stationary, so could keep them together and stash them aside at the end of the work day.

The exterior of the Casa Book is a fabric finish and is offered in three colors to match your home decor. So yes, Logitech wants you to stash away your work gear and do so without messing up the look of your home.

It is not clear if the stand is adjustable or not. All we know is it is supposed to put the laptop screen at your eye level and it will fit laptops from 10” to 17”, supporting up to 7.5 kilograms (16.5 lbs).

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Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

The keyboard and touchpad are multi-OS compatible (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, iPadOS) and connect to compatible laptops via Bluetooth Low Energy. Both Casa Keys and Casa Touch run on a rechargeable battery that is good for up to 5 months and 3 weeks on a single charge, respectively. In the event they need to be charged, you can continue to use the devices as they are being charged.

The Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk is released for the U.K. market for now, with an asking price of £179 (about US$227) which sounds like a good deal, considering it comes with a keyboard, a touchpad, and a stand. It is also available in Australia (A$289.95) as well as New Zealand (NZ$329.95).

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk
Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

Images: Logitech.

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