Spike Keyboard Case

Spike Keyboard Case for iPhone
Spike Keyboard Case | from US$20.00 | www.solomatrixinc.com

fancy turning your iPhone into a BlackBerry-like device? with the Spike Keyboard Case you can actually make it happen. created by SoloMatrix, this case is unlike the horde of QWERTY keyboard case we have seen so far and it allows you to use your iPhone with a physical keyboard in portrait orientation which reminiscent that of a BlackBerry device. three models are offered via SoloMatrix’s Kickstarter page: Spike1 consists of two section where the bottom section with the TypeSmart keyboard can be slipped out and switch around to expose the keypad on the front or hide away at the back. Spike2, on the other hand, has the keypad hinged to the side and can be easily flip to the front or back as and when needed. when flipped to the back, it will seat flush with its case. the only trade-off is a slight bulge on the side where the hinge is located. the limited edition Spike3 is actually the Spike2 in a special Kickstarter green and is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum in anodized finished. many have tried to incorporate a physical QWERTY into a iPhone case but have failed quite miserably. however, the Spike might have just hit the jackpot cos’ majority of us are not fond of using a keyboard in landscape orientation. the Spike Keyboard Case carries a retail price of $35 but you can get your Spike1 for a Kickstarter special for just $20 (limited to 200 units) and $25 thereafter or you could put down $50 for the Spike2. check out a short product intro video available after the break.

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Kickstarter via Redmond Pie

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