Dart Active Stylus Dart – The Next Generation Active Stylus With PCB Digital Circuitry
if you doodle with an iPad, chances are you use a stylus. the problem with today’s styluses is the ridiculously wide tip, which can’t do fine lines or write minuscule letters. in comes Dart stylus. it has an super thin 2mm fine silicone tip with built in circuitry to enable iPad to recognize the stroke it makes. $59.99. BUY.

Backtracker Radar For Bicycle Backtracker Puts A Micro Radar At The Back Of Your Bike
there are two parts to this cycling safety gear: a micro radar with built-in lights that can detect cars up to 400 feet away and flashing more frequently as the cars get closer to alert them of your presence; and a handlebar-mounted LED readout that illuminates as cars approaches, so you can be better prepared. $199. BUY. [via]

Slingbox M1 Slingbox M1 Lets You Stream From Your Home TV To A Laptop or Mobile Device
boasting WiFi connectivity, the Slingbox M1 lets you watch local or cable programs while you are thousand of miles away, or simply just extending the feed from your cable box to other TV sets at home via a Slingbox app on Roku, Apple TV, and other set top boxes – all without being bothered by geoblocking. $149.99. BUY.

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer BACtrack Vio Is A Breathalyzer That Works With Your Smartphone
connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, BACtrack Vio is a keychain-size breathalyzer with MicroCheck Sensor technology that lets you keep tab on your alcohol level without the need to plug into your phone. readouts are wirelessly send to a free BACtrack companion app on your smartphone. $49.99. BUY.

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Fujin Vacuum Cleaner Lens This Faux Lens Will Suck Dust Out Of Your DLSR Sensor
the lens-like vacuum cleaner by Fujin is designed to attach any Canon DSLR with an EF mount and activating it will simply suck out any dust and whatever foreign particles that are not suppose to be inside. you will need to fire off the shutter to expose the sensor for it to suck our particles from there. 3,500 Yen. BUY. [via]

AMD Firepro S9150 GPU Meet FirePro S9150, AMD’s 2 TFLOPS HPC Graphics Card
need a ridiculously fast performing GPU for your server? AMD has one for you: the FirePro S9150, which outguns NVIDIA’s K40 by a good 76 percent at 2.53 teraflops. it is fabbed using a 28nm process and uses similar graphics technologies as found in Xbox One and Playstation 4. $tba. LEARN MORE. [via]

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