Sceptre 46 Class 3D LED HDTV

Sceptre 46 Class 3D LED HDTV
Sceptre 46 Class 3D LED HDTV | US$999.99 |

seriously, you are not going to watch a full HD content on a tiny tablet screen, are you? what we meant was, it kind of defeats the purpose of 1080p if you can’t scrutinized Nicole Kidman’s wrinkles. so, leave the 1080p to the big displays which we would say a 40- or 46-inch would be a right size to see it all but those big displays are not going to be cheap – especially if you are looking at one with latest technology. it is going to hurt your wallet bad but not the Sceptre 46 Class 3D LED HDTV here. costing just $999.99, it offers full HD 1080p display, 3D-capable, SRS TruSurround HD audio and a generous array of inputs that include 5 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and a VGA port. it not only saves you on your initial outlay but its Energy Star compliance is said to cost only $19 per year to operate. and the fact that it comes bundle with three passive 3D and one passive clip-on glasses really seals the deal. i mean for under a grand, this is certainly quite a bargain. granted, it may not be a ‘Smart TV’ but there are no lacking of way and means at varying price points to make a dumb TV into a Smart one. it’s your call.

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