MONOKEI Standard Mechanical Keyboard: A Wired And Wireless Mechanical Keyboard That Will Not Break The Bank

There are keyboards for gamers and then there is a keyboard for the rest and it is called MONOKEI Standard. Designed in Malaysia and Singapore, MONOKEI Standard is a prebuilt mechanical keyboard that combines the best of custom kits and a regular everyday input device that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk: It Is A Laptop Stand That Comes With A Keyboard And A Touchpad

Calling folks who are obsessed with keeping a clean, uncluttered work desk even after they are done working on their laptop, or anyone who wants to make anywhere a comfy workplace. We may have found the perfect accessory for you. It is called Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk.

Lemokey L3 Is A Highly-customizable Wireless Gaming Keyboard That Promise Premium Typing Experience

If you ever wish for a super customizable gaming keyboard with a high-end typing experience, then your wish may have come true with the Lemokey L3 2.4 GHz QMK/VIA Custom Mechanical Keyboard. Lemokey, for those who don’t know, is the new premium gaming arm of Keychron.

ROCCAT Vulcan II MINI Air PC Gaming Keyboard: It’s The Vulcan II MINI But Wireless

While the ROCCAT Vulcan II MINI is a super cool gaming keyboard, the fact that it is wired may not please all gamers. This is where ROCCAT Vulcan II MINI Air comes in. The ROCCAT Vulcan II MINI Air is the wireless version of the Vulcan II MINI and ROCCAT’s first-ever wireless gaming keyboard.

ProtoArc MECH K300 Proved That Mechanical Keyboard Can Be Sleek And Not Thick And Clunky

Mechanical keyboards do not need to be thick and clunky to offer the full mechanical keyboard experience, as proven by Keychron K3 Ultra Slim. Here’s another proof and better yet, the ProtoArc MECH K300 Mechanical Keyboard will please serial num-pad users because it has got one.

IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

I came across the IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard while I was researching for a mechanical keyboard for use with my MacBook Pro 14 M2 Pro chip. And I thought it looked familiar. Then it occurs to me, it was the base of the “custom computer” by Carter Hurd. We failed to let you …

OnePlus’ First Keyboard Has A Customizable Rotary Dial And A Slider Switch Like Its Flagship Phones

If you are in the market for a super cool keyboard, then you may want to hold out a little longer for this one from OnePlus. Yes. You heard that right. A keyboard. From OnePlus. It’s an unusual move (to make a computer peripheral) for sure. The OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro, as it is …

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