Libra Keyboard with Trackpad for iPad Pro

Have you ever look at your iPad Pro and wish it was more tactile like a MacBook? Well, if you have, we have good news for you. There is a thing called Libra that will turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook.

Mind you, though. Libra is not just any Bluetooth keyboard. It is the world’s first keyboard with trackpad, complete with backlit and function keys to will lend your iPad Pro a MacBook-like experience.

From the product images (or were they renders?), an iPad Pro with Libra does indeed look like a MacBook. Libra couldn’t come at a more appropriate time – thanks to the new iPadOS.

Libra Keyboard with Trackpad for iPad Pro

With iPadOS, iPad will have support for mouse and external keyboard, thus enabling users to use other input devices to further improve their user experience. I see it as a chance for Apple product users who have been lamenting why Apple hasn’t come out with laptops with touchscreen.

It does not at this point and does not appear that the Cupertino tech giant will be doing so anytime soon, and so, your best bet for a touchscreen “MacBook” is probably Libra – if you are so inclined.

In case you are down, you may want to join the 1,200+ backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering one by backing the campaign. At time of this post, it is 1,633% funded, pulling in over $160,000. Depending on how soon you back it, you are looking at $89-129 investment.

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Some words of advice, though. This is a Kickstarter campaign and hence, along with it comes risks. We will leave it to you to be your own judge.

Images: Kickstarter.