MOFT: Quite Possibly The Best Travel Laptop Stand You Will Ever Buy

While laptops are designed for you to work anywhere, the ergonomic, namely the angle of keyboard, leaves much to be desired. Sometime you’d wish for a mobile laptop stand, or better yet, an integrated stand. The latter won’t happen because it will bump up the thickness and weight, and the former? Well, nobody’s stopping you […]

Use Your Laptop Like A Boss With This Laptop Stand With Footrest

If you are into bad habits when using a laptop, then this Mobile Laptop Stand With Footrest from RoomyRoc, AKA Shenzhen Kedibo Technology, should be right up your sloppy alley. OK. To be fair, I can obviously choose not to use the laptop stand the lady did in the feature image and do what the […]

Laptop Stand That Is A Giant Heatsink Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven

I am sure you are familiar with heatsink. Typically milled out of aluminum, heatsink sole purpose is to mitigate overheating by dissipating heat quickly from high heat-generating equipment, such as a processor or LED elements. And it does so by introducing multiple fins which increases the surface area of a heat-conducting block. The science behind […]

This Compact Tube is Actually a Super Strong Stand Up Stand for Laptop, Tablet and More

You know how sci-fi movies often show things like a small device, expanding into a bigger object at a touch of a button? Well, the 3-in-1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube by Cool Invent is not that, but let me assure you that it is the closest you will get to that for now. […]

Lapdeck is a Bring-anywhere, Collapsible Laptop Desk That Cost Just 10 Bucks (Note: Not a Typo)

Though called laptop in many locality, laptop isn’t really meant to rest on your laps. You know what might happen if you do that, don’t you? Burnt laps, that’s what. So why risk it? And that’s precisely why you need a laptop stand; to provide a place for the laptop to rest and you, to […]

Finally, a Laptop Stand for Road-warriors That’s Actually Designed for On-the-Road Use

Good news, road warriors. If you rely heavily on laptop on the road, you might what to check out Flio Portable Wooden Laptop Stand. The product name is pretty much self-explanatory, but in case you haven’t get it, it is basically a slim, collapsible wooden laptop stand with ergonomic viewing height and offers a comfortable […]

Evernote Extends Its Desk Accessories Collection with These Stands for Tablets, Laptops and Monitors

We are not sure why Evernote has decided to venture into marketing products, but it sure looks like they are swiftly increasing its portfolio since the launch of Evernote Market about a year ago. the latest to join the Pfeiffer Collection desktop accessories announced this past summer is the minimalistic, sleek plywood-molded stand called Bent […]

Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove

can’t get enough of industrial-look for you home or office decor? if so, we bet you already have everything stuffed within your humble abode or office space that points toward your industrial-inclination. however, we also bet that you don’t have an industrial-look, concrete laptop stand for your beautiful…