g.flow Paper-made Laptop Stand

There’s no doubt MOFT is the best travel laptop stand we have seen so far, but so is the g.flow Laptop Stand from South Korea-based studio grape lab. I’d say it is as travel-able as the MOFT.

However, g.flow Laptop Stand one up MOFT by being the world’s lightest and sustainable laptop stand. It tips the scales at mere 1.5 oz (40g) and it is made from 100 percent recycle paper.

g.flow Paper-made Laptop Stand

That’s right. This laptop stand is made from paper. When we said “paper,” we do mean paper and not cardboard. Imagine that. A paper propping up your laptop at a precise angle to save your neck and wrist the agony associated with the use of a laptop.

The origami-style laptop stand unfolds and folds like an accordion and comes with a unique case that also doubles as a handy smartphone stand.

g.flow Paper-made Laptop Stand

It may be made out of paper, but it is totally capable of holding laptop of weight up to 11 lbs (5 kilograms). Moreover, the laptop stand’s distinctive zigzag pattern also aids in natural cooling of the laptop.

In addition to being lightweight and super sustainable, it is made without bonding or coating so it could be recycled at its end of life.

Finally, the g.flow Laptop Stand is created with artwork by artists with intellectual disabilities, “giving them visibility and opportunities of growth, creating a circular economy, and a profitable collaborative platform.”

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In other words, it is a win for everyone, including the environment.

You can show your support for this unique laptop stand and what it stands for by pre-ordering one from Kickstarter. The campaign is funded and so, if all goes as planned, grape lab will begin shipping in December 2019. Prices start at $16 with the option to buy in bulk.

Images: grape lab.

Source: Yanko Design.