It sucks to know that after spending pretty penny on a laptop, you have to spend more to buy accessories like a USB hub because, the laptop is stingy on ports. Or is it only in the case of MacBook? In any case, those with port-starve laptops, HyperDrive GEN2 is here to save the day.

This new generation USB-C hub from Sanho Corporation promised you “2x speed and power,” while supporting 4K 60 Hz video, along with 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, 300 MB/s UHS-II microSD/SD card slot and a sweet, 100 W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) to boot.

HyperDrive GEN2 Next-Gen USB-C Hub

In other words, you’d be getting 2 times video refresh speed for connected display, 2 times USB transfer speed, 3 times memory card transfer speed and, 2 times power delivery. The latter means, it will play well with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro too.

HyperDrive GEN2 Next-Gen USB-C Hub also touts a longer USB cable, albeit one that doesn’t appeared to be removable, so it won’t be left dangling when used with devices like iPad Pro propped up, or in my case, a laptop on a stand.

If 6-port version is not enough for you, there’s also a 12- and a 18-port model. The former has everything the 6-port model has, plus USB-A 10 Gbps, USB-A 2.0 x 2, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 4K 60 Hz HDR and DisplayPort 4K 60 Hz.

The 18-port, on the other hand, has everything the 6- and 12-port model has, plus USB-A QC 3.0 18W port, USB-A 10 Gbps, DC Power Port, Digital Coaxial Audio, Optical Toslink Audio, and a VGA port.

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You can find HyperDrive GEN2 Next-Gen USB-C Hub on Kickstarter selling for $59-119. The campaign is funded, so if you made a pledge, all you have to do is to wait for its arrival sometime in March-May 2020.

All images courtesy of Hyper by Sanho Corporation.

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