We do not want to question why you need a vehicle that could go just about anywhere. If you need one that goes everywhere, a track vehicle like this LiteTrax Muddtrax MTX-C is the way to go because, track vehicle.

I almost wanted to say it is built like a tank, but it isn’t quite a tank. It won’t survive the war zone like the Ripsaw M5, but it sure is more capable than an all-terrain vehicle because, water does not bother this little guy even a bit.

LiteTrax Muddtrax MTX-C Track Vehicle

It is offered with a choice of four engine choices (3 turbo diesel and a petrol variant), paired to a 12 gallon (45 liters) fuel tank and a 2-speed heavy duty transmission with electronic joystick for the high-tech touch. It has an amphibious chassis and comes with the option of a 2 or 4 person open cab (like I said, it ain’t a tank).

Other details include a dash with 4:3 color display, 18-inch tracks, 1.5-inch paddles for moving across water, 16-inch high ground clearance, LED lights all-round, roll-over protection, 4 pick points for airlift, and a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) on low gear or 18 mph (29 km/h) on high gear.

And the price? We do not know, TBH. If you want one, you will have to reach out to LiteTrax to request for a quote. It will not be cheap, that’s for sure.

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Images: LiteTrax.

Source: Uncrate.

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