HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Media Hub Will Add Multiple Ports To An iPad Pro, iPad Air, Or 2021 iPad mini

We are conditioned to believe that a tablet should have just one or two I/O. Strange because most tablets are marketed as laptop-like productivity devices and yet it has just one port? It really should have more, but we know very well we won’t be getting any because, in the world of gadgets, there is …

HyperJuice 4-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Charges 4 Devices And It’s Foldable Too

When Apple introduces MagSafe on iPhone 12, I was skeptical. I questioned the need for magnetic feature for wireless charging. As it turns out, it opened up to new way of charging like what HyperJuice 4-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger has showcased.

HyperDrive GEN2 USB-C Hub Give Your Laptop More Ports With More Power And Speed

It sucks to know that after spending pretty penny on a laptop, you have to spend more to buy accessories like a USB hub because, the laptop is stingy on ports. Or is it only in the case of MacBook? In any case, those with port-starve laptops, HyperDrive GEN2 is here to save the day.

iStick Is A Flash Drive With Lightning Connector, Wants You To Skip The Cloud

with Apple devices, it promised a high tech approach to your connected life where your digital files are easily within reach, stashed away in the Cloud. alas, the promised of this digital Shangri-La is often hampered by inadequate radio’s reception and the risk of being ripped by hackers who are smarter than Apple’s engineers. that …

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