This is HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger from Sanho Corporation – the same folks who brought you the HyperDrive GEN2 USB-C Hub. It solves the problem of not enough power outlet for more than one device.

HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger Kickstarter

Smaller than a box of tic tac, the HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger is, as the product name suggests, stacks on itself and therefore allowing for multiple devices to be powered by a lone outlet.

HyperJuice claims that up to 16 chargers can be stacked for up to 1600 W of power. Well about that… if I can be honest, if you are going to stack 16 of these… you are better off using a power strip. Just saying.

HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger Kickstarter
It is more of a travel gadget for charging multiple devices rather than to expand the number AC powered devices that can be connected to one outlet.

However, as a de-cluttering gadget accessory, HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger may be the perfect candidate. Not only it looks sleek and compact than most stock charger, it will provide enough juice to charge/power a laptop along with a few other USB-powered devices – all while providing AC passthrough to power one other appliance/device.

It is offered in two flavor: 65W and 100W. The former can keep boasts 2x USB-C ports and a USB-A port while the latter has 3x USB-C ports and a USB-A port. Each HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger comes with an integrated deployable prong that plugs into the outlet directly.

HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger Kickstarter

Finally, as the product name also suggests, it uses the Gallium Nitride technology which is the magic formula that allows the charger to be this tiny. Sanho Corporation claims that the HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger is smaller than every other 100W charger in the market.

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If you are sold by the idea like over 4,000 backers on Kickstarter did, you may want to consider picking it up by backing for a product. Prices start at just US$48 for the 65W model and US$59 for the 100W.

Quite a deal for all that it has promised, but it is not without catch. This offer is only available to residents in the U.S. and Canada. Bummer. Also, the charger will be in black, not white as pictured in the marketing materials.

All images courtesy of Sanho Corporation.

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