Stackable GaN Charger Is An Intriguing Product, But Why Not Just Use A Power Strip?

This is HyperJuice Stackable GaN Charger from Sanho Corporation – the same folks who brought you the HyperDrive GEN2 USB-C Hub. It solves the problem of not enough power outlet for more than one device.

Aukey Omnia 100W PD Charger With GaN Technology Launched For $54.99

The Aukey Omnia series charging adapters we talked about earlier this year is finally here. OK. That’s not entirely true. While the 100W model’s availability was announced on the 20th, the ultra-compact, dual-port Omnia Duo 65W which uses the same OmniaChip technology is already available.

ZIRUS Charger X Charger-Battery-Hub: A Few Less Gadget Accessories To Travel With

Traveling with gadgets entails a few things like, you know, travel adapter, power brick, power bank and given how today’s laptop lack of ports, maybe even a USB hub. It can be pretty overwhelming. This is what Shenzhen-based company, ZIRUX aimed to solve with ZIRUS Charger X.

This Wall Charger Has Just 2 USB Ports, But It Packs A Mighty 36W

What’s the point having a wall charger with tons of USB ports, but charges your devices like a snail? The Xcentz AW-32011 36W Wall Charger have just 2, but the duo are no ordinary USBs. One is an 18W USB-C Power Delivery and one is an 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0.

A Simple Solution That Will Keep You From Losing iPhone 7 3.5mm Adapter

Calling it “the perfect solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist,” the Dongle Dangler is a keyring-equipped dummy 3.5mm headphone jack plug that lets you plug in your iPhone 7’s included Lightning to 3.5mm adapter so you will never lose it like, ever. It is an exceedingly simple solution that solves a new problem that …

Znaps Adds MagSafe-like Magnetic Charging Solution to Mobile Devices

You know why whenever there is a magnetic connector that promised to make charging your device a painless affair gets so much buzz? Cos’ every magnetic connector that surface is viewed as a direct challenge to Apple’s patent. We took a while to write this, cos’ we want to be sure that this wonderful little …

This Adapter Will Turn Any Regular USB Cable into a Reversible USB Cable

Until the widespread adoption of USB-C (aka USB Type C), figuring out which way to plug in your standard USB Type A connector will be a problem that we will have to live with, but not if Ryo Adapter can help it. Ryo Adapter is the latest to join the small pool of adapters that …

BOLT USB Wall Charger + Battery

portable battery that provides jolt of juice for your power hungry smartphones aren’t new, but the BOLT USB Wall Charger + Battery is. it is new not because it looks rad (it is rad, though, btw), but we dig the idea of combining a portable battery and a wall charger with fold-out prongs in a single package so…

FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter

power brick haters rejoice. the future of laptop power adapter has gone down in size (finally!), thanks to the innovative FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter. about four times smaller and six times lighter than today’s adapters, the FINsix 65W Laptop Adapter comes in a wall plug form factor, thus negating the need for the cumbersome…