if one, you are awfully stressed out by having to tote an extra charger and two, often find yourself stranded with just one wall outlet when traveling, then the Twelve South PlugBug World is one nifty accessory that will kill those two woes of yours with one plug, literally. the Twelve South PlugBug World is an extension to the much-lauded Twelve South PlugBug but now, it is totally globetrotter-friendly. the working principle is still the same: it is a 2.1 amp USB wall charger that plugs directly to your MacBook power adapter, turning it into a dual charging device that charges your MacBook Pro and iPhone or iPad simultaneously but with the World it comes packed with five international snap-on plugs that pretty much have the world covered for you. on top of that, the PlugBug World doubles as an international, standalone USB charger (and a very stylish one, if we might add) for your Apple small devices and its 2.1 amp supply insures that your precious little iDevice gets charged up swiftly and quickly, and that’s not to mention that the red hued plug makes quite a tech-fashion statement. totally awesome. available now for $44.99 a pop via Twelve South web store. scroll down for a few more look at this little wonder accessory for Apple users who travels the world.

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