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(photos: Twelve South) Twelve South PlugBug! 10W USB iPad/iPhone Charger + MacBook Plug Attachment | US$34.99 |

PlugBug! is not an insect, it is the latest product from Twelve South that allows it to be snapped onto your existing MacBook Power Adapter, turning it into a nifty iDevice charger. touted as the first ever device that lets you charge your MacBook and your iDevice at the same time, from just a single wall outlet. honestly, there’s little explanation to do here. what this device does is pretty straight forward. all you have to do is to plug the striking red PlugBug! into your existing MacBook power adapter and walah! you can charge your iDevice using your iDevice’s USB to 30-pin cable. really. do i need to say more? this means one less charger to bring on your next road trip. well, any reduction in clutter is always a welcome needs to any road warrior. doesn’t it? oh, did i mention that it charges your iPad faster too? the PlugBug! is available now from Twelve South web store for $34.99 a pop. last but not least, kudos to Twelve South for coming with such brilliant idea. totally awesome and the red? it certainly going to rock your style factor. a video after the break explains how you work. check it out.
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