Here’s A Miniature Handbag From Twelve South For Your Pricey Apple AirPods

Considering that Twelve South put this up on April 1st, you may think it is joke. No, apparently, the Twelve South AirBag for AirPods is NOT a joke. Although it really should be. Then again, maybe it should not. After all, impractical, miniature handbag was a trend around this time last year, was it not?

AirSnap Leather Case Adds A Touch Of Class To Apple AirPods

Apple products are synonymous with style. How could anyone have the audacity to slap on just any case on their Apple AirPods? Well, I mean, not that Apple AirPods is any stylish, but that’s not the point. The point is, slipping on a silicone case that does not add wireless charging to AirPods is borderline …

ActionSleeve Armband, Because Apple Watch Is Not Just For The Wrist

When an organization makes a smartwatch or fitness tracker, they probably never ask themselves if a person can wear a watch when doing Muay Thai? Duh. Of course not and this result in one having to forego tracking when it come to certain sports. What an irony, isn’t it? A fitness tracker that can’t track …

This Candle Lets You Enjoy The Scent Of A New Mac Without Buying One

I heard some people are addicted to the smell of new books and literatures, but to be honest, I never heard of anyone who is hooked to the smell of new Apple products. Wait. Do they even have smell? The cardboard and the foam box probably have more smell than the cold, hard aluminum and …

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone 6 Strikes a Balance Between Aesthetic and Protection

iPhone 6’s beauty and thinnest are also its greatest weakness. It could be scarred easily, but for non-conforming, style-conscious users, to wrap the device up in plastic case for protection is an insult to phone’s design. We have to stress that not everyone is on the same page, but for those who are, having a …

Twelve South BookArc möd – An Accessory or A Furniture?

do you have aluminum desk and chairs, or perhaps cabinets and shelves in metal? probably not and so why should your MacBook accessories be any different? different as in, also clad in aluminum like most manufacturers are doing right now. in fact, Twelve South is among them that pushes that matching notion, but not anymore. …

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal

you how is it like when you travel with your iPad; there are always more to bring along than just the tablet. you will have necessary evils like power adapter, juice pack, earbuds, or headphones to deal with, and these nitty gritty stuff often turns out to be most challenging to handle. we stuff them in our bags, but we ended spending longer time figuring out where they were

Twelve South GhostStand – Desktop Stand for MacBook

it is no coincidence that the new Twelve South GhostStand sounds a little eerily similar to the iconic Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, cos’ that awesome plastic that was designed for our butts is actually the inspiration behind this desktop stand for MacBook. if you are fan of mid-century, post modern decor, this transparent

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini

the main problem with most iPhone stands in the market today is flexibility; which means either you can’t use it with a case on, or it can’t be use with other small iDevices such as the iPad mini. the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini solves that two inflexibilities all at one go. we have seen tons of stands for iPhone and this is by far

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone

the world lacks of a lot things but you can be assured that iPhone case isn’t one of them (heck, they even have Hello Kitty-shaped case for iPhone. so you can imagine). as long you have the cash, you can have as many iPhone cases as you want. that being said, when there are more of something, chances are, the sucky bunch reins. lucky for us