Twelve South AirBag for AirPods

Considering that Twelve South put this up on April 1st, you may think it is joke. No, apparently, the Twelve South AirBag for AirPods is NOT a joke. Although it really should be. Then again, maybe it should not. After all, impractical, miniature handbag was a trend around this time last year, was it not?

The Twelve South AirBag for AirPods should be a “bargain” alternative to Louis Vuitton Miniature Suitcase designed for Apple AirPods – even though we are not quite sure how much that cost. In any case, if Rihanna’s Delvaux NYC Mini Bag can cost a grand, I am sure one coming from LV wouldn’t be any less.

Anywho… for ‘just’ $49.99, you could score yourself a miniature handbag for your prized Apple AirPods. And it actually look pretty good.

It is made of genuine leather and features metal snap button to keep your AirPods safe and secure and a handle for toting around like a regular handbag (more like finger bag, really). While it does has an opening for Lighting charging your pricey AirPods Pro, it is totally compatible with wireless charging too.

Ridiculous or not, you know you want one. Come on, admit it.

Twelve South AirBag for AirPods

Images: Twelve South.

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Source: The Verge.