Buying a 3D printer and start using it is no big deal today, but while it is working for you, would you know what’s happening under the hood? Like, is it overheating, or the alignment is out? You probably won’t unless you have superhuman eyes and/or you sit right next the entire time while it is in operation. Well, this is where M3D Pro can help. This latest 3D printer from M3D is touted to have something the industry is lacking: self-awareness.

M3D Pro Self-aware 3D Printer by M3D
Prototype unit shown here

Being self-aware means it has sensors and algorithms in place to sense speed, position and temperature at five different places, and if problem or problems is detected by any of its two dozen sensors, it can self-diagnose and in some cases, even rectify the issue right there and then without user intervention. User wouldn’t know there the problems brewing anyways, so it is a good thing that the machine you rely on for prototyping is able to do that for you before the situation goes out of hand. But that awesome feature is not the only thing the M3D Pro has to offer.

M3D Pro Self-aware 3D Printer by M3D
Prototype unit shown here.

With it, it also brings to user a large build volume from a compact device, heated print bed, the ability to print anything from 25 to 350 micros layer height, up to 120 mm/s quick printing speed, internal memory chip to enable standalone operation without connected to a computer, compatibility with multiple third-party filaments, and embedded recovery mode that can recover print failure in the event of power outages and such. M3D Pro sure sounds like a dream printer for both pro users and average consumers. I mean, if you can choose between killing your braincells learning the tricks of trade like knowing what’s wrong with the printer, or you could leave it to the machine to do the job, which one would you choose? The latter, obviously.

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No doubt you will soon pick up those important tricks of the trade but at least there’s a reassurance that even as beginner, you can go ahead without the baggage of worrying about the technicalities and get to work right away. All those together with the promised of affordability probably drives the funding of the M3D Pro through the roof. The campaign is on its final leg on Kickstarter but it has already garnered nearly a thousand backer with nearly half a million in funding – an amount way beyond the outfit has asked for. If you all down with M3D Pro, you have 3 days to get the early production tier unit for $499.

Images courtesy of M3D.

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