A pair of wireless headphones is not really wireless. When the battery conks out, it will need to be plugged in to be charged or go on the wired route if you want to continue using it. The Urbanista Los Angeles, however, is truly wireless thanks to the built-in solar charging feature powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material.

Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Charging Headphones

With Powerfoyle incorporated into the build of the headphone, Los Angeles (the headphone, not the city) is always charging as long as it is exposed to light, be it outdoor or indoor. Theoretically, Urbanista Los Angeles can offer infinite playtime.

Self-charging is not the only feature it has to offer. The Urbanista Los Angeles solar-charging headphones also tout advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancelling which can be activated at a press of a button. There is an Ambient Sound Mode too for times you want or need to stay aware of the surround.

Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Charging Headphones

Other notables include Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, on-ear detection, voice control, and USB Type-C charging – if you need it.

But such awesomeness does not come cheap. The Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Charging Headphones will run you back at €235 (or about US$266). It is available in two colorways inspired by City of Angels, namely, Midnight Black and Sand Gold.

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All images courtesy of Urbanista.

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