Instructables user ralf_k is an engineer by day and self-described “noisy neighbor by night” who wanted a modern looking sound bar that isn’t plasticky. I am not sure if there is such sound bar out there. Even there is, I am sure it is going to cost a fortune. Anyways, he set out to make one and the result is this: a gorgeous plywood and MDF sound bar. ralf_k has share with the Internet how he did it on his Instructables page. While we do not know how it sounds, the aesthetic has already won us over. Plus, with two tweeters, two woofers, two amplifiers, four passive radiators, and a programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to boot, how bad can it be right?

DIY Soundbar with Built-in DSP

Further under the hood, ralf_k has rigged up a 2-way crossovers, custom EQs, and he also threw in dynamic bass boost for good measure. ralf_k noted that the DSP amp he uses has an ADAU1701 processor which is configurable using Analog Devices SigmaStudio. Now, I am pretty sure you can get a sound bar looking this fabulous and so, if you want one and you are technically-incline, you can follow ralf_k’s instructions on Instructables to build one yourself.

DIY Soundbar with Built-in DSP

Meanwhile, here’s a time-lapse video of the build. Personally, I would love to have a sound bar like ralf_k’s, but sadly, I have no access to the tools required to make this work. Moreover, I am afraid I do not have the skills required (though I am fine with tinkering with electronics).

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Images: ralf_k via Instructables.

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