If you are an artist/doodler/creative looking to minimize the clutter in your pencil case, you may be interested in this magnetic multi-tip drawing pen by Singapore-based Wright Design, called Wright Pen. Wright Pen is a 3-in-1 drawing instrument featuring three different line weights that can be easily swap around – thanks to the neodymium magnets in each segment.

Wright Pen is like the classic pop-up pencil when you use as a kid, but more sophisticated and specially designed for drawing. Nothing describe it better than these official words:

“The Wright Pen is a magnetic, interchangeable multi-tip drawing pen that features three different line weights encapsulated in a sleek, minimal aluminum body. The Wright Pen features 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.7mm nibs from Copic’s Multiliner SP family and water resistance pigment ink to provide the best drawing and writing experience.”

Wright Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

It is a minimalist drawing pen with clever markings to indicate the different line weights. It is machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum, polished and treated to a clear anodized coating. The cartridge of each segment is, of course, refillable. Interestingly, Wright Design said that they managed to optimize the capacity of the ink cartridge to result in it containing 40 percent more ink despite having a much smaller body.

Wright Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

You can find the Wright Pen on Kickstarter going for 66-77 SGD (about US$48-56), depending on how soon you act on it. The campaign has since met its modest funding goal and so, your pledge is a pre-order, but a friendly note though, shipping won’t happen until September 2019. Meanwhile, continue reading to find a product pitch video to learn more.

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Wright Magnetic Multi-tip Drawing Pen

All images courtesy of Wright Design.

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