As if the current options of outdoor coffee dripper aren’t convenient enough, Japanese company Katori Seisakusho has launched an even more lightweight and compact version.

Pelican Coffee Dripper by Katori Seisakusho

Called Pelican Coffee Dripper, it was developed because Katori Seisakusho thought the current outdoor coffee drippers aren’t compact enough and often hard to assemble and maintain.

With the Pelican Coffee Dripper, it has just two flat stainless steel components. The two parts come together in seconds, allowing it to hold a trapezoidal filter over a cup, ready for the dripping process. It really is that simple.

Pelican Coffee Dripper by Katori Seisakusho

When done using, it can be easily disassembled and wipe clean, and stores into the smallest space available in your traveling bag.

The Pelican Coffee Dripper measures 11 by 11 cm (a little over 4 inches by 4 inches) when assembled and weighs just 64g (2.3 oz!). It will fit cup sizes of up to 9 cm (3.5 inches) in diameter. However, filter is not included in the 2,420 yen (or around US$22) price.

Images: Katori Seisakusho.

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