City Boy Picnic Grill

City Boy Picnic GrillCity Boy Picnic Grill | US$229.00 |

a picnic can be a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of big city living but then again, why should we be treating ourselves to sandwich that we have been eating all this while in the office? kind of sucks, don’t you think so? what we need is some real meat that form part of our burger loving culture and when we say burgers, we mean freshly grilled meat slapped between two pieces of nice, soft buns and not those shrink wrapped cold, crumpled items that you grab off the shelves of 7-11. such meaty-affair calls for a gadget like the City Boy Picnic Grill, a cute little portable grill with powercoated steel for its body, stainless steel grate, oak handle and fueled by Primus gas burner that uses 225g standard gas cartridge. go ahead, grab this little can of joy along with your standard issue picnic basket and make those around you stare in envy. the City Boy Picnic Grill can be yours to own for $229.

Finnish Design Shop via Incredible Things

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