Range Smart Thermometer

Range Smart Thermometer

let’s face it: not everyone is born a chef. cooking while not atomic science, involves some form of inborn talent such as the ability to manipulate the herbs and spices, and most importantly, the feel of when the food is at the right heat. you can easier get coaching off the Internet for the former, but the latter is really something you have to have it in you,

BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill

BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill

what is love by most people (if not all)? BBQ. what is the thing that not all people have? a backyard. bugger. this means non-landed home owner will be missing out the great tradition of BBQ parties. well, at least not without having to share a common pasture with loads of other strangers, but that was before BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill

The Truck Food Cookbook

when you are on the run, you literally survive off the food serves from food trucks and with good reasons too: the streets of American are choke-full of food trucks that will let you grab a quick bite or two when you are pressing for time. despite being served off trucks, there are actually some really good, delectable food that you…

Quirky Sliders

it is the time of the year again, a time where you take your cooking to your backyard and have a blast with the people you care about. however, most of the time, we do so with quite an amount of risk, especially when BBQ-ing. you know, the burn from the heat and the stabs from the skewers et cetera. you may be one of the few…

City Boy Picnic Grill

a picnic can be a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of big city living but then again, why should we be treating ourselves to sandwich that we have been eating all this while in the office? kind of sucks, don’t you think so? what we need is some real meat that form part of…

BBQ for Men by lhooq

ever since the invention of industrial barrel, people has found many other use for it besides dumping oil and chemical in it. among those different uses, turning it into a BBQ grill, along with using it as a fire pit, rank among the most popular alternative usages. however…