BBQ for Men by lhooq

BBQ for Men by lhooq
(photos: via Uncrate) BBQ for Men by lhooq | from US$950.00 |

ever since the invention of industrial barrel, people has found many other use for it besides dumping oil and chemical in it. among those different uses, turning it into a BBQ grill, along with using it as a fire pit, rank among the most popular alternative usages. however, unless you have the required skills and handy tools, you probably can’t create one for yourself. luckily, there’s the BBQ for Men by lhooq to fill that void. with a price tag of $950, you will score yourself an industrial barrel repurposed into a stylish BBQ grill sporting a cool royal blue paint job on the outside and a brass hue on the inside. the easy to open top opens up to a two-tiered grill catering to food of different heating requirements and it even has a side tray for your next-up food or BBQ tongs. it comes with removable legs for ease of storage. though not pictured, this BBQ grill actually comes with a mahogany wood handle and the all-important built-in thermometer on the lid, and lid itself features a full clearance on the inside and a built-in bungs facilitate the drawing of air to keep the fire going. available in high temperature paint or power coated finish (+ $250) with delivery date between two to six weeks.

lhooq via Uncrate

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