let’s face it: not everyone is born a chef. cooking while not atomic science, involves some form of inborn talent such as the ability to manipulate the herbs and spices, and most importantly, the feel of when the food is at the right heat. you can easier get coaching off the Internet for the former, but the latter is really something you have to have it in you, but with the Range Smart Thermometer, it replaces your “gut feel” with a thermometer which works in conjunction with a dedicated app to tell you when the time is right. available in two models, a three-inch pointed thermometer for inserting into meats, and a six-inch version that has the length suitable for placing in deep pots. whichever you choose, the ultimate goal is the same: to ensure you get alerted when your food is almost ready and between those times, you can have the freedom of mingling with the early guests, run to the local convenience for drinks or whatever, while not having to worry about overcooked food.

however, there’s a catch here: you will need two iOS devices in order for it work, but on the pro side, it will work with older iOS devices. the prong takes on the traditional route by incorporating a long cable made of food-safe silicon for reliability (you can’t argue that wireless, at some point, is rather unstable) and it hooks up with one of your iDevice, such as an old iPhone or iPad, via the audio jack (hence, the backward compatibility). once connected and the prong placed, you can set the desired temperature and be alerted when the food is almost done. note: it alerts you when the food “is almost done”, so you will have enough time to head back home and take it from there. you can get yours by backing the project up at Kickstarter. a pledge of $49 or more will guarantee you either a “meat lover” (short, pointed prong) or “sweet lover” (long, blunt prong) model, or you can put down $89 or more for the “Omnivore” model which consists of both of the aforementioned. check out the team’s pitch video after the break.

Kickstarter via Cool Hunting

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