Gaming chair maker, Secretlab, has expanded its portfolio to include a gaming desk. Called Magnus Metal Desk, it may be the go-to desk for gamers/creators who are totally obsessed with style, cable management and organization in general.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

Magnus Metal Desk’s 29-inch height is set so you could rest your feet flat the floor and sit in a neutral position while allowing elbows to remain at a 90-degree angle on the armrests of a, well, a Secretlab chair, of course.

It is of metal construction – as the product name suggests. Despite its slim design, the table is totally capable of 220 lbs loads. At the back of the desk is a generously-sized concealed cable channel for hiding those unsightly cables while proprietary ecosystem of magnetic accessories further help to tidy up every tidy-freak’s worst nightmare: exposed cables.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

The accessories include magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and custom-cut cable sheaths for the desk legs for easy routing of the cables and organize cords on the desk, or run cables from the PC along the desk’s leg.

The rear cable tray routes the cables through the offset gap at the front of the rear hinged cover, thus allowing the table to be set flush against a wall. With the table against the wall, you can choose to mount the monitor (on an arm, for example) to further free up the valuable desk top real estate.

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Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

On the aesthetic front, the desk felt very much like a fusion of industrial look and minimalism which can be further spruced up with a magnetic leatherette desk mat and Secretlab MAGRGB Diffused RGB LED Strips, which magnetically snaps to the underside of the desk.

The Secretlab MAGRGB Diffused RGB LED Strips feature densely-packed LEDs offering fluid lighting animations with 96 individual LEDs per meter and it is customizable with 4 custom lighting presents and 7 colors via the included remote.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

The Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk is offered in two lengths: 47 and 59 inches. The former will arrive at a later date. The latter is available for pre-order. The 47-inch model has a base price of US$399 and the 57-inch model starts at US$449.

Base Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk comes standard with said Cable Management Tray and Tray Cover. And yeah, the described accessories cost extra. However, there is a launch promo going on where you can bag a FREE Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat Signature Stealth Edition.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk
Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk

All images courtesy of Secretlab.

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