Bauhütte Welcomes You To The Future Of Gaming With Gaming Bed. Yes, Seriously.

It looks like the future of gaming is not as alive like Ready Player One. Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhütte may have just offer us an insight into the future of gaming, a decidedly WALL·E prediction come true.

Pirate Shark Desk Won’t Be A Distraction To Your Kids Like Baby Shark Does

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is a distraction to your child if you want to get him or her get down to business of homework. This shark, however, will not. It is a shark desk, or a Pirate Shark Desk from Cilek to be exact.

Design Epicentrum’s Newest Desk Has A Lamborghini Aventador’s Front End

From the folks who brought to you the Lamborghini desks and more recently, Lamborghini sofas, come the new Lamborghini Aventador Desk. As the product name implies, the desk bears the front end of the raging bull marque’s supercar, Aventador. It is not known which year of the Aventador it is modeled after, but from the […]

Nanotech Comes To Furniture, Prevents It From Getting Scratched

The thing about buying furniture is, they are awfully new and being new, it may set some people’s OCD into overdrive. You know, like worrying about it getting tarnished or scratched. However, with Modulos latest’s furniture, Aeon, these people will never have to worry about defacing the spanking new furniture. At the core of Aeon […]

Use A Standing Desk, Run 10 Marathons And 4 Other Health Benefits

You may have heard about the recent trend of workers trading in their sitting desks for standing desks. But why? What’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple. Standing desks can improve your health. We all know that sitting all day will adversely affect our health, so the idea is to stand while working at your […]

Modulos Table Wants To Do What Project Ara Tried To Do With Phones

Table. The one furniture that almost always outgrown our needs. What happen when this happen is, we have to buy a new one. There are many reasons to why a simple piece of furniture, such as a table, becomes dated. It gets old and deteriorate in quality, it does not accommodate the new gadgets you […]

Alternative Fact Desk Has One Leg, Defies Gravity Cos’, Alternative Fact

Prior to 2017, the phase ‘alternative fact’ was non-existence, but you all know how it got popularized and obviously, we are not going to get involved in this political shenanigans going on right now. However, not everyone is going to standby and watch some folk proclaim alternative facts and not express anything. Vintage Industrial, the […]

Design Epicentrum Puts Luxury Cars In Your Living As Functional Furniture

You know how some car enthusiasts who can’t enough of cars, had their own old cars converted into furniture? But what if you can’t afford to cut up a Lamborghini or Bugatti to turn it into a desk or sofa? Well, not all hope is lost, cos’ there’s the Design Epicentrum, a Polish furniture specialist […]

Old Apple Power Mac G5 Units Turned Into Fabulous Office Furniture

Any person with the eyes for beautiful objects will agree that Power Mac G5 was quite a design marvel. Even after more than a decade on, the aluminum full-size tower chassis with the trademark perforated front panel remains a thing of beauty and as such, it will be a complete waste to trash it after […]

Refold is a Foldable, Portable, 100% Recyclable Cardboard Standing Desk That Cost Less Than $130

according to some studies, prolong sitting is just about as harmful as smoking. yes. we know. it sounds pretty absurd and kind of makes the person who invented the chair looks stupid. but that’s how it is. health issue associated with sitting for too long may not be apparent, but one thing we can agree […]