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Alternative Fact Desk Has One Leg, Defies Gravity Cos’, Alternative Fact

Prior to 2017, the phase ‘alternative fact’ was non-existence, but you all know how it got popularized and obviously, we are not going to get involved in this political shenanigans going on right now. However, not everyone is going to standby and watch some folk proclaim alternative facts and not express anything. Vintage Industrial, the purveyor of retro industrial furniture, is one of those voices and being a furniture company, it chose to weigh in on “alternative fact” with its own alternative set of facts: a desk can defy gravity and stands on just one leg. Continue reading Alternative Fact Desk Has One Leg, Defies Gravity Cos’, Alternative Fact

Design Epicentrum Puts Luxury Cars In Your Living As Functional Furniture

You know how some car enthusiasts who can’t enough of cars, had their own old cars converted into furniture? But what if you can’t afford to cut up a Lamborghini or Bugatti to turn it into a desk or sofa? Well, not all hope is lost, cos’ there’s the Design Epicentrum, a Polish furniture specialist who will gladly craft a Lamborghini or Bugatti’s front end into either a desk or sofa in exchange for your hard earned cash. As opposed to some makers who repurpose luxury cars into furniture, which kind of limits the number of items they can turn out, Design Epicentrum custom made the luxury car’s front end out of fiberglass in Poland. Continue reading Design Epicentrum Puts Luxury Cars In Your Living As Functional Furniture

Old Apple Power Mac G5 Units Turned Into Fabulous Office Furniture

Any person with the eyes for beautiful objects will agree that Power Mac G5 was quite a design marvel. Even after more than a decade on, the aluminum full-size tower chassis with the trademark perforated front panel remains a thing of beauty and as such, it will be a complete waste to trash it after its expected lifespan. And this is precisely the inspiration behind designer Klause Geiger’s Power Mac G5-based series of furniture. Instead of sending the aged G5 to the trash or recycling center, Geiger upcycles them into functional furniture, starting with benches. The bench is made up of two Power Mac G5 towers, with their innards gutted, of course, and a carved wooden board bridges the two towers, sitting perfectly in the voids between the G5s’ handles. The ends of the plank are machined to perfectly match the curved of the Power Mac G5 chassis, making it looks like the Macs were almost destined as benches for their second life. Continue reading Old Apple Power Mac G5 Units Turned Into Fabulous Office Furniture

Refold is a Foldable, Portable, 100% Recyclable Cardboard Standing Desk That Cost Less Than $130

according to some studies, prolong sitting is just about as harmful as smoking. yes. we know. it sounds pretty absurd and kind of makes the person who invented the chair looks stupid. but that’s how it is. health issue associated with sitting for too long may not be apparent, but one thing we can agree on is, it does make you feel drowsy a little easier, especially when you have a good comfy chair and nice climate control environment (btw, that’s what i am feeling now, sleepy). so, perhaps standing as you work might be a brilliant idea after all, but we did a quick search for standing desks and concluded that they aren’t cheap to start with. for that, a New Zealand startup, Refold has to perfect solution: the Refold Cardboard Standing Desk. the name pretty much says it all. it is a standing desk, comes flat-packed and assembled in minutes. Continue reading Refold is a Foldable, Portable, 100% Recyclable Cardboard Standing Desk That Cost Less Than $130

This Avant-Garde Desk Has a Built-in Natural Amplification Sound Dock for Smartphone

we won’t start a debate on how uncluttered is an uncluttered a desk should be, but if you love a bit of music while you are at your desk, the Sound Table and Seat by South Korea-based industrial designer Jina U is one awesome idea that would allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes from your smartphone while not robbing you of the precious desktop real estate. how? because among the expanse of acacia desktop hides a recessed smartphone dock that is actually a sound dock to a natural amplification speaker. presumably designed with iPhone in mind, the iPhone audio is directed through a horn under the desktop and exits the front of the desk, thereby amplifying the sound. and if we were to judge how loud the amplified sound would be by the size of the horn, then we would think the amplification could be quite substantial. Continue reading This Avant-Garde Desk Has a Built-in Natural Amplification Sound Dock for Smartphone

SlatePro: Desk For Techies

a desk is just a piece of wood and that hasn’t changed for ages, but seriously, it really ought to change. why? so that we can save ourselves from awkward desktop organizers we use in desperation to keep our 21st century lifestyle organized atop of this flat piece of wood and the SlatePro is here to introduce that change. crafted from pure bamboo topped with a protective clear acrylic sheet, the surface of the SlatePro sits on a set of handcrafted steel legs and features several built-in docks with openings beneath for charging cables so you can dock and charge your smartphones and tablet right off the desk, while the center of the tabletop has large vented holes to keep your laptop cool and also provides space for cables and cords to pass through for a clean, clutter-free look. Continue reading SlatePro: Desk For Techies

Minimal Float Wall Desk

something that we take for granted may actually be an eyesore for the ultra-minimalist individuals. if you fall you into that ‘ultra-minimalist’ faction, then we are pretty sure you are one of those who view table legs as a pain in the butt. if so, why not do without the legs completely and go for the Minimal Float Wall Desk instead? the Minimal Float Wall Desk mounts easily to any wall type (though we suspect a non-reinforced false wall is not a good idea) and sports a few nifty (and stylish) features that makes us go woo-ah. Continue reading Minimal Float Wall Desk

Aviator Wing Desk by Restoration Hardware

Aviator Wing Desk by Restoration Hardware
getting a piece of furniture that’s repurposed from, say, a WWII aircraft’s wing is cool but we can’t help but to think about what crap had beaten through those wings. bad idea. besides, a war is never a good thing to reminiscent about. however, if you have one desk that’s inspired by World War II fighter planes (note: not made of real aircraft parts) such as the Aviator Wing Desk by Restoration Hardware, then that’s an entirely different story. this shiny example is shaped like the bent wing of an aircraft and features hand-built of patchworked panels of polished aluminum Continue reading Aviator Wing Desk by Restoration Hardware


XTable | US$PoR | www.kibisi.com

what do carjack, ironing board and office swivel chair have in common? all three is designed to go up and down as per the user’s desire or requirement. and what’s being left out of this adjustable equation? tables. they ought to be adjustable don’t you think so? mainly due to the fact that not all humans are equal in height and there are times where you might want to use the table while standing up (discussion over blueprints, for example) or sometimes you just want to slouch on your cosy couch while working. Continue reading XTable

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk
(photos: Restoration Hardware) Blackhawk Secretary Trunk | US$4,295.00 | www.restorationhardware.com

some of us here are obsessed with tidiness and so to us, bed that folds into the wall, hidden storages and the likes are holy grails of our quest for tidiness, and now we can add the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk into the tidy-freak-must-have list. especially so, if it looks so gorgeous in its industrial guise. drawing inspiration from the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of the mid-20th century aircraft, the trunk is crafted from hardwood and wrapped in polished aluminum with intentional imperfections such as nicks, dings, small scratches that adds to beauty of the trunk. Continue reading Blackhawk Secretary Trunk