I am sure you are familiar with the MOLLE backpack. It allows different add-ons to be attached based on your needs. Now imagine the same concept applied to a desk and you have the Teenage Engineering Field Desk.

Teenage Engineering Field Desk

The Field Desk is Teenage Engineering’s official workspace, btw. So it has been field tested, so to speak. Anyhoo, like fellow Swedish company IKEA, Teenage Engineering is pretty good at coming up with minimalist products that do not sacrifice aesthetics and functionalities.

However, the Teenage Engineering Field Desk is not just minimal, functional but it is pretty damn futuristic too. How? Space truss, of course. The frame that holds the double-sided Formica birch plywood is referred to as a space truss.

It is constructed from recycled aluminum, or 75% recycled CIRCAL anodized aluminum alloy from Scandinavian manufacturer Hydro, to be precise, and is much like the MOLLE system.

Teenage Engineering Field Desk

By the virtue of the space truss, the Field Desk is part of the Swedish consumer electronics company’s field rail system which is an open-ended range of interconnecting aluminum rails that allows for customizable modular furniture and accessories.

This means you will be able to attach custom accessories (coming soon) or attach your own creations using m5 screws. Pretty dope, right?

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The Field Desk measures 1195 mm by 770 mm and 750 mm (47 by 30.5 by 30 inches). If you are sold and the money is no object, you can pick up the Teenage Engineering Field Desk as we speak for a cool US$1,599.

Teenage Engineering Field Desk
Teenage Engineering Field Desk
Teenage Engineering Field Desk

Images: Teenage Engineering.

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