we are sure whoever coined the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” didn’t mean it literally, but with the advancement in technologies and the positive think-outside-the-box attitude, that adage might just be true. mightier, because it could do more than just writing and perhaps, even save your soul in some dire situations. meet the Tactical Pen by Cybernetic Research Labs, a pen that inch ever closer to that wise old saying. being tactical doesn’t mean it will help in slipping past your foes undetected, but it sure does have a bunch of certifications and ratings to qualify it as one and that includes meeting the aerospace requirements for AS9100 and numerous military specifications. and it has the right look to match its namesake too. crafted from a choice of materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, the Tactical Pen features a unique stepped pattern across its body with special knurling for optimal grip and non-slip to the hand in any conditions – dry, icy, wet, oily – you name it.

to ensure the pen writes in the conditions it was designed for, Cybernetic Research Labs opt for Fisher Space cartridge which is among the most extreme cartridge you could get today. the cartridge works in oil, grease, extreme temperatures, upside down, on walls, and even in water and in space (!) so you know this baby will let you continue scribbling if you ever found yourself in a vacuum. other features include an integrated, but replaceable, glass breaker which can also use for hand engraving on metals, threaded ends to ensure you won’t loose either part of the pen, hole on pen cap for accommodating key ring to secure the pen to wherever you desire, and finally, it is convertible into a shorter, retractable writing instrument (aka retractable mini-twist pen) if situation calls for it. trusting the masses support, Cybernetic Research Labs has yet again (it’s the third for them) bring this awesome Tactical Pen to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, asking your support to make the pen a reality. to secure yourself one, all you have to do is to make a pledge of $29 or more. learn more in the pledge video embedded below.

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