whenever there’s a collaboration between a fashion label and performing artistes, you know that the market is probably targeted at the said artistes’ fans, or anyone who appreciate the work of art put into the products. with the Green Day Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection, we guess there’s no ‘or’ cos’ we are sure it will appeal to both Green Day fans and non-fans alike. to begin with, it is a Chuck Taylor and seriously, who doesn’t love Charlie’s classic appeal? adding the iconic artworks from Green Day’s greatest albums throughout the years to these sneakers only made them even more lovable. all in all, there are four models, each with its own unique design elements, to choose from. there are the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Bosey Boot models that features the artwork from American Idiot (Green Day American Idiot Chuck Taylor All Star, $60 and Chuck Taylor All Star Bosey Boot, $75). and then there’s the Green Day Dookie Chuck Taylor All Star ($60) with the screen-print of the seminal Dookie album against a white canvas with funky yellow-green laces. last but not least, the artwork of the modern day classic Kerplunk album find its way onto the Green Day Kerplunk Chuck Taylor All Star ($65), making a clear statement with its simplistic green, along with the white and black shades of the album cover. the Green Day Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection is available now exclusively at Converse and Journeys brick-and-mortar stores, as well as their respective online stores.

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