Converse Wants You To Beat The Cold With These All-Weather Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

Converse is over a century old and its iconic All Star named after the former basketball player and shoe salesman, Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor aka Chuck Taylor, has been around for ages. You can consider its design old school, employing mainly rubbers and canvas for its construction, which naturally, are the recipe to avoid during …

The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star

take one of the world’s most loved TV family (and the longest scripted show in TV history to boot) and put them together with the one of the world’s most recognizable footwear such as Converse, and you will witness the coolest sneakers on earth and that for the record, my friend, is none other than The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star.

Green Day Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

whenever there’s a collaboration between a fashion label and performing artistes, you know that the market is probably targeted at the said artistes’ fans, or anyone who appreciate the work of art put into the products. with the Green Day Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection, we guess there’s no ‘or’ cos’

Converse Spring 2013 Chinese New Year Collection

if you haven’t already know, the next year of the Chinese calendar (which starts from the February 10) is the Year of the Snake. marking this occasion, Converse announces the Converse Spring 2013 Chinese New Year Collection that includes the Converse Cons Pro Leather Year of the Snake Sneakers

Converse Camo Suede CTS Sneakers

nuts about everything military but don’t want to look like some crazy dude suffering from post-war trauma roaming the concrete jungle? (no offense to all veterans) if so, then this pair of Converse Camo Suede CTS Sneaker should be the perfect middle path for your feet. dropping in at “finer skate retailers” come this Friday (December 14, 2012), this pair of $65 sneakers…

Converse x Kevin Lyons Chuck Taylor All Star

remember those white Converse All Star sneakers that you simply couldn’t resist using them as the canvas for your work of art? depending on where you are at on the artistic inclination chart, those doodles you did on the shoes may or may not says a lot about your artistic taste and so, to save yourself the…