surreal book carvings by Guy Laramée

Guy Laramée Book Carving - Biblios
(image: Guy Laramée)

we have more than two thousand posts to date and there comes a time when some post requires less talk and more images, which is what this post is about. what you see here are amazing visual arts of landscapes carved from books. yes. these breathtaking sculptures were carved from bound books and are as surreal as it can get. i have never imagined that it could be done but the truth is, it can be done and with Guy Laramée‘s magical touch, these books that used to give us knowledge were turned into amazing 3D landscapes. on that note, join me after the jump for more images of this surreal moments and witness for yourself the mind-boggling works of Guy Laramée or check out Guy’s web for more work of art.

Guy Laramée Biblios & The Great Wall via NOTCOT

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