Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet – hybrid tool

Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet
(image: Wera Koloss) Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet | US$107.99 | www.sears.com

are hammer and ratchet the most used tools at home or at work? i am inclined to think so when we stumbled upon this hammer-ratchet hybrid tool. our passion for home improvement has our eyes trained on them in an instant and yes, you did not read wrongly, the Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet is indeed a hybrid tool combining a drop-forged hammer head with a heavy duty reversible ratchet that features a fine tooth mechanism and a minimal six 6-degree return angle. a “multi-component” Kraftform handle provides you the grip required when you are pounding and ratcheting away. we love this tool but to be honest, ratchet is hardly a tool we use at home and to add to that, a price tag of $107.99 each is not going to make it any easier in our decision making process. it is, however, a novelty that draws us to it. check out a couple of larger views after the break.

Sears via Uncrate

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