theKube2 – tiny MP3 player with touch interface

theKube2 MP3 Player
(image: Bluetree Electronics) theKube2 MP3 Player | S$45.90 |

iPod shuffle might be tiny but it lacks of the touch function that is a rage these days. if you constantly feel the need to get all touchy, even for a tiny device like your MP3 player, then the upcoming theKube2 might just be the MP3 player you need. conceived by Singapore-based Bluetree Electronics, theKube2 is the second generation theKube. the original tiny theKube was first introduced into the market two years ago and its successor is set to please the style-conscious, gesture-loving gadget fanatics. aesthetically, it takes on the Apple-ish look with an aluminum body, coupled with touch sensitive top and bottom faceplates. basically, hard buttons are virtually non-existence in this little device and music control is solely via gesture control. control is simple: swiping your digit along the faceplate skips the track; diagonal swipe pauses the playback or activates the shuffle mode, while holding your digit to the top or bottom faceplates, raise or lower the volume respectively. we thought the latter is one of the coolest features of this handsome little device.

however, if shiny silver gadget is not your cup of tea, removable skins in the form of adhesive stickers are available to change the look of your lovely theKube2. despite its minuscule size, it managed to pack a battery that is good for six hours of continuous playback on a single one-hour charge via USB, and a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB. for an inexpensive price of around S$45.90 (about US$35.50), theKube2 could be yours and that’s including a 4GB microSD card to start you off. unfortunately (or not), this sweet little thing is currently available only in Singapore. however, if you are in and around Las Vegas next January, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of theKube2 when it makes it public appearance at the CES 2012. boogie past the jump for a few more look.

theKube2 via DesignBoom

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