Yamaha THR Guitar Amp – it doesn’t even look like one!

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp
(image: Yamaha) Yamaha THR Guitar Amp | US$tba | www.yamaha.com

i once played guitar and looked up to great players like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and among the others. among that adoration, i learnt to love the look of the guitar amps – which I dare say – hasn’t change since Elvis took to the stage. being a new gen rock guitarist, you probably don’t appreciate the classic look, so the Yamaha THR Guitar Amp is here to offer you a more contemporary, yet retro kind of look. i bet you didn’t know it is a guitar amp until i have told you so. in anyway, it is refreshing not having your home look like a concert stage, doesn’t it? the THR features a pair of 8cm full range speakers, Yamaha’s VCM technology, USB connectivity, option to run off AC or battery, and offers several amp styles, including clean, crunch, lead, brit hi, and modern. oh, like any good guitar amp, it comes with a host of effects, which include staples like chorus, delay, delay/reverb, and tremolo, among the many others. the Yamaha THR Guitar Amp is available in two version, the THR5 and the THR10, with the latter having more amp type, as well as, more controls. want one? be patience, as it will only hit the stores next month with a price yet to be announced. check out a couple of larger views after the break.

Yamaha via Uncrate

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