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You Can Soon Get Evangelion-Themed Guitar Accessories In Japan

Evangelion may not have new anime, TV shows or movies in recent memories, but this mecha anime has quite a cult following. In fact, it is probably still a thing in Japan, since there are actually racing teams in its name in Land of the Rising Sun and also the fact that Japan music instrument supplier Kyoritsu Corporation has recently announced a collaboration with Evangelion on a series of musical instrument accessories. These music gears include collections of products with themes based on the popular anime by Gainax/Tatsunoko Production. Continue reading You Can Soon Get Evangelion-Themed Guitar Accessories In Japan

Love Whiskey and Guitar? Then This Whiskey Barrel Guitar Amp is For You

Rock n’ Roll and booze’s relationship goes back a long way. At some point, hard liquor such as whiskey were also involved. I don’t know how it happen, but I am guessing it has something to do with alcohol. However, we do not know the true rationale behind the whiskey barrel amp and we won’t even try to pretend we know. Somehow, just somehow, Fender is reminding us the unique relationship between the two. Officially dubbed as Fender “80 Proof” Blues Junior Amp, this super cool guitar amp is crafted from used whiskey barrels (not sure if the smell still holds though) and naturally, because of that, no two guitar amps will be alike, which is probably what hard rocking musicians with character prefer. Continue reading Love Whiskey and Guitar? Then This Whiskey Barrel Guitar Amp is For You

bnd Is A Bendable Travel Guitar Stand That Slips Into Your Backpack

if you travel a lot with your guitar in tow, you might be interested in a new guitar stand on the block. dubbed bnd, it is first guitar stand that’s actually bendable, therefore allowing it to be bent into a smaller physical package suitable for storage in your backpack, guitar box or bag, or even stash behind your guitar amp. most musicians that we know don’t travel with a guitar stand because it is more of hindrance than any good during traveling, but that’s where the problem arise. not every gigs they go provides a decent stand. most of time, they end up leaning their precious axe against something, which needless to say, put it at risk of toppling and no guitarists like that. with the bnd bendable travel guitar stand, you no longer need to beg for stand when traveling cos’ you can literally bend and stash it in your carry-on, luggage, amp or wherever, and it will not eat into your valued luggage space either. Continue reading bnd Is A Bendable Travel Guitar Stand That Slips Into Your Backpack

Volcanic Rock-Made Guitar Pick Lets You Shred Your Axe With A Rock

guitar picks or plectrums come in a myriad of sizes and can be made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from plastic to metal, or for the less conscious, it could even be stamped out of your old credit cards (kind of thick, but it will do) if you want to. but one that’s carved out of volcanic rock? well, that has to be the first. the product name, Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick, pretty much tells the whole story: it is crafted from obsidian, a glass-like rock formed as a result of rapidly cooling volcanic lava, and handcrafted into the shape of an arrowhead that is said to offer superior grip and lends a unique sound to your strumming. created by jewelry designer and craftsman, Seth Maranuk who is completely obsessed in turning stones into jewelry, guitar picks and among the many other things, the Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick literally brings new meaning to rocking your music. well, now if only there is a matching electric guitar made out of obsidian rock too… anywho, the Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick can be yours to own for 20 bucks, exclusively from Uncommon Goods. Continue reading Volcanic Rock-Made Guitar Pick Lets You Shred Your Axe With A Rock

The Gibson Memory Cable Lets You Record As You Play

sometimes random guitar shredding may result in awesome riffs, but the problem is, you might not recall what are the notes that make them sounded so great. bummer it is and that’s why The Gibson Memory Cable may prove to be savior for such frustrating situation. it looks like a regular musical instrument cable, sporting standard quarter-inch jacks on both ends and in fact, it behaves pretty much like one – except for a bulge somewhere nearing the end of the cable. the bulge is where the magic happens; it is an extremely compact solid state recorder designed by professional audio recording device maker, Tascam, that records everything you play on your instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard or whatever that has a quarter-inch output jack). basically, the Memory Cable is equivalent of the digital note recorder, but this one is made specifically for musical instruments. the recorder boasts studio quality analog-to-digital conversion and is capable of recording uncompressed time-stamped WAV files at 44.1 kHz/16-bit resolution. Continue reading The Gibson Memory Cable Lets You Record As You Play

Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick

when it comes to guitar picks, it is anything goes. in fact, if you aren’t as picky (pun not intended), you could even stamp a few out of used credit cards or similar material. however, if you beg to differ and think that there’s a lot more to it than just a piece of tiny plastic, then you’d be glad that the folks over at Pro Music Marketing are not only on the same page as you, but has taken the initiative to give traditional pick a high tech makeover and the result is the Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick. yes. you heard that right. ‘high performance’ pick. Continue reading Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick

Line 6 AMPLIFi Guitar Amp and Bluetooth Speaker

for the musicians who loves listening to music as much as rocking out the tunes, here’s a two-in-one gadget that will help keep another gadget out of your life: the Line 6 AMPLIFi Guitar Amp and Bluetooth Speaker. as the name implies, it is both an accomplished guitar amp and a Bluetooth speaker. available in 75W and 150W model, the Line 6 AMPLIFi Guitar Amp and Bluetooth Speaker features a high-performance five-speaker design, comprising of an 8- or 12-inch custom speakers, a pair of mid-range drivers, and two high-range drivers, that promised to deliver a full sonic spectrum and offers over 200 amps and effects, accessible via a dedicated iOS app. from the app, you can chain up to eight effects, save and share your configurations. Continue reading Line 6 AMPLIFi Guitar Amp and Bluetooth Speaker

TronicalTune Automatic Guitar Tuner

the most daunting task when starting out in learning guitar is perhaps tuning, but don’t that be the reason for you to give up, instead grab yourself a TronicalTune Automatic Guitar Tuner and let it do the talking, i mean tuning. i know, this thing is going to garner quite a bit of flaming from purists, but for beginners, this could be the difference between giving and continuing learning. lets face it: when we are just starting out, our ears are never conditioned to recognize all the different pitch and so, we think this device could really offer a big help in the learning process. retrofitted to the back of the headstock, this nifty device consists of a miniature low profile micro-controller and six motorized tuning pegs which replaces your axe’s stock pegs. Continue reading TronicalTune Automatic Guitar Tuner

KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner

the most immediate hurdle for aspiring axe shredder is tuning. tuning your guitar is an eternal frustration that won’t go away until you develop the ear for it. until then, your best bet would be your pro-shredding pals, or you could get a KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner to save yourself the trouble and frustration. available for guitar, bass, as well as ukulele, the KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner is extremely compact (read: tiny) and dead simple to use. the headstock shape tuner clips on directly to your instrument’s headstock and all you have to do is struck the desire string that you want to tune, and two LED indicators Continue reading KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner

MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case

how many times have you found yourself struggling to retrieve your electric axe from a typical guitar bag? we would imagine most of the time, especially when doing it standing – it is almost impossible to do so without laying the bag flat on the ground or a table. with the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, that struggle would be a thing of the past. billed as the world’s first top-loading guitar case, the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case features a redesigned Headlock neck suspension system that automatically locks your guitar’s headstock firmly in place, protecting it against backward drops and side-to-side impact Continue reading MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case